Creating efficient outsourcing solutions

We are the leading outsourcing services provider following multi-staged scheme to deliver our services on time at cost-effective rates. Increase efficiency of your business and let yourself focus on core areas like investment while skilled resources at OgnerMedia are busy handling your essential business needs. OgnerMedia is the leading outsourcing services provider aimed at delivering services on time and at cost-effective rates. Increase efficiency of your business by letting our skilled team handles your business needs.

Solutions tocommon problems

OgnerMedia's full scope of IT outsourcing services helps our clients to reduce the costs and to improve the operational efficiency. We believe in combining the technical, human and administrative aspects of development all within a flexible framework for increasing productivity and profitability of any business.

Our team provides immediate production capacity to solve your needs and guide you through the structured development process. Our IT outsourcing department is going to be a reasonable extension of your company’s IT team. The executors will act as the representatives of your company throughout every stage of the process.

The integration process is closely monitored by our dedicated team to provide a seamless program integration that aligns with your existing working environment, building competitive advantage in your marketplace.

We turn our competencies into your competitive advantage

Software Development
Data Center Operations
Security Monitoring
Website Development
Database Administration
Disaster Recovery
Network Operations
Help desk Services
Website Management

4 Most effectivemarketing channels

Search engine marketing

Our specialists will craft strategy and execute SEO campaign tailored for your business objectives. Effective SEO strategy let your product be on top in search lists, leaving no chance to competitors.

Email marketing

Some would say that spam damaged email marketing efficiency. But we would say there is no better shortcut to the customer than personalized letter. Using proven tactics, responsive design and effective subject lines, we’ll turn your customers into repeat clients.

Contextual marketing

Contextual advertising has definitely impacted browsing. It works because it's targeting the point of audience's interest. It's a great idea to place ads in front of potential customers while they're surfing the web. This method will easily transform visitors into loyal customers.

Social media marketing

Social networks are the main communication means today, where people share their opinion 24/7. Real recall from real customer is the best purchase motivation, so we'll help with promotion of your business in most popular networks.

IT consulting

IT environment is constantly evolving. Though it may be rather difficult to track all the novelties appearing, your business needs to keep up with the latest developments in order to stay competitive and effective.

OgnerMedia can take this burden off your mind.

Our team is always aware of the latest trends in IT sphere. We've consulted companies working in different fields and always found best solutions tailored to particular needs. We will provide you with a complete guidance of how IT may affect your business in a positive way. On the basis of detailed analysis of your business structure we'll offer you a set of methods and actions that are to produce a considerable boost in your results.

Let us make technologies work for your business.

Our team of professionals will optimize your company's activity using all of the latest innovations and trends while you will be able to focus on what you do best - running your business.

Project management

Execution of projects is an integral part of business process. For one reason or another it can be rather difficult to act according to plan, and due to this a lot of projects fail to meet their initial objectives. Our company applies global standards in project management to tie project results to business goals.

All you need to make your project a success

We build our strategy to meet the balance between primary constraints of any project - time, cost, scope and quality. Our project team keeps customers engaged at every step of a project, keeps all tasks on schedule and thinks about all the risks. Accurately following step-by-step plan from initiating till closing we provide on-time, on-budget and high-quality results.

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring
  • Closing
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